After the Dinosaurs, came the age of


You don’t need a time machine; let Singapore Zoo transport you back in time for an
experience like never before. Stomp the grounds with the Giants of the Past like the Woolly Mammoth, Saber-tooth Tiger, Hornless Rhinoceros and especially Little Momo, the baby woolly mammoth.
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Meet Little Momo!

Who is Little Momo?

Little Momo is a playful baby woolly mammoth who lost her mom during a snowstorm! She’s all alone and afraid but she’s not letting fear get the better of her.

There are clues in the park, but she needs your help! Join her on her quest to find her mom.

Valley of Giants Map

Use this map to discover the prehistoric giants residing in the valley.?


Valley of Giants

Daily Near Otter Exhibit

Make way for the Prehistoric Giants! Travel back in time and get up-close to over 15 Giants of the Past.

Watch them come alive with animatronic movements and soundscape. Be in awe at the magnitude of their size and their similarities to present-day Giants.


Daily Opposite Babirusa Exhibit

Design your own prehistoric giant and become a digital caveman!

Understand the balance of the ecosystem through a brand new digital colouring experience- first in Singapore Zoo!


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Prehistoric Collectibles

Take home memories of your travel back in time.?Get your hands on adorable plush Woolly Mammoth, Jigsaw figurines and more!?